Are You Ready for 25 Days of Awesome?

By Jay Saenz / Dec 01, 2016



We are happy to celebrate our 25th anniversary in business this year! Since the beginning, we’ve done our best to live according to our values: we strive to be creative, collaborative, progressive, and socially responsible in all our dealings—even our celebrations! 

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So when it came time to determine how to best honor our 25 years in business, our minds didn’t go straight to throwing a huge party (but don’t worry, that will come too). Instead, we decided to pay homage to our 25th through a creative collaboration featuring our fellow B Corporations®. 

Enter 25 Days of Awesome, a daily sweepstakes contest that lets participants win 25 different products from socially responsible B Corps™, raising awareness of these awesome companies and their awesome products—all of which would make awesome gifts this holiday season. (How awesome is that?)

32 Calendar

Our goal with this promotion is simple: promote the heck out of products and services from other B Corps to spread some good cheer during the holiday season. Users can enter for a chance to win the daily contest at, an interactive website that features festive animated monsters and information about what makes B Corps unique. 

For the first 25 days of December, a new door will open each day revealing a prize from a participating B Corp like Dansko, Happy Family, Badger, EO Products, Bellroy, and Fair Trade Jewellery Co., to name a few. Users are encouraged to enter daily and there are lots of ways to increase their chances of winning—including visiting the featured B Corps’ page on Facebook, following them on Twitter, or signing up for their email list. It’s so awesomely easy!

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A History of Social Responsibility

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  • At Oliver Russell, we believe in the power of B Corps—companies that are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We were among the first 500 B Corps when we certified almost five years ago. 

    The community is growing strong and more businesses are starting to heed the call to use their business as a force for good. At the date this post was published, there are now 1,966 B Corporations across the globe, all certified in their intent to make positive changes in our world. This is a community we are proud to be a part of. We try to support these like-minded companies whenever possible, including when we fill our own personal shopping carts. 

    More To Come

    So what does it all mean? This is just the beginning of the great things we can do as a B Corp agency. We look forward to coming up with new ways to shine the spotlight on our fellow B Corps—and we hope 25 Days of Awesome will become an annual tradition.

    The contest starts today with a cool prize from Treefort Music Fest. Enter now at and don’t forget to check back daily to win prizes from other partnering B Corps. Let the awesome giving begin!

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    Insights that incite.

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    Jay believes it's all about creating mutually beneficial relationships. With more than five years' experience in nonprofit development/underwriting and 13 years in direct sales, Jay specializes in finding the right match between an organization's purpose, audience and prospective partners. You won't mind taking his calls because his sales process is noticeably absent of slime—it's built on strategic collaboration, communication and teamwork.