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By Russ Stoddard / Sep 12, 2017



One thing our clients’ value is our exposure to different companies, varying industries, and shared learning we can bring to their respective opportunities. This month finds us working on interesting assignments for three new companies: branding for a biotech company headquartered in Maryland; branding and launch activities for a sports initiative from St. Louis; and experiential marketing for a major food brand in Minneapolis.

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Synthetic Biologics

We had a powerful gut feeling when we first met with Synthetic Biologics (NYSE:SYN), our agency’s first biotech assignment. They picked us for our purpose orientation and branding portfolio—and because they also wanted a fresh perspective on how to brand and market their company and its world-changing drugs. Synthetic Biologics’ focus is on the health of the gut microbiome. One of its drugs has received Breakthrough Therapy Designation from the FDA for helping maintain the natural balance of the gut microbiome during surgery and preventing deadly infections. It has also demonstrated promise for inhibiting the emergence of antimicrobial resistance, a significant issue across the world.  

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Good Sport Club

Being a good sport is a good thing, and unfortunately increasingly rare species—especially in today’s heated political and social landscape. We’ve been engaged by the National Sportsmanship Foundation to help brand and launch the Good Sport Club, an initiative with a purpose to rebuild citizenship through sportsmanship. We’re big believers in the power of sports to effect positive social change—and feel that one of the best levers we can pull is to help create new social norms by championing good sports. Our work will launch in November to coincide with the Musial Awards (honoring Hall of Fame baseball player Stan Musial) held in St. Louis. 

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Nature Valley

Here’s a fun one—we get to turn a parking spot into a park for a day. That’s what we’ll be doing for Nature Valley, a General Mills brand, who selected us to help with an experiential marketing project here in Boise. It’s a fast-fuse project with the goal of helping people experience a piece of nature in their city environment, all within the very tight confines of an on-street parking spot. From our first phone call to a completed installation, we’ll have had fewer than three weeks to come up with an idea, sell it to Nature Valley, then fabricate, build, and install the concept. Oh, and get approval from the City of Boise for a special use permit. We’ll report back on the results in the near future, but in the meanwhile you can follow along on Nature Valley’s social media or on ours at Oliver Russell.

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Russ Stoddard

Russ started Oliver Russell in 1991. He’s committed his career (nearly 30 years) to social responsibility, first inside the corporate world and then as an entrepreneur who’s started four companies and five nonprofit causes. Russ is the author of "Rise Up - How to Build a Socially Conscious Business," and his creative work has been honored with local, regional, and national creative awards. These days, Russ focuses on brand strategy for clients, spreading the Certified B Corp love, and connecting kindred spirits to multiply social impact.