Digital Marketing and Yoga Poses - All in a Day’s Work for Newest Team Member

By Russ Stoddard / Mar 09, 2017


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“Simply put, I have been professionally stalking your social presence in anticipation of the moment you were ready to add the next good person to your team.”

Now how can you not continue reading past that lead sentence in a cover letter for a job opening—even when you’ve sifted through 100+ cover letters and your attention level is fleeting?

With that, Holly Conti entered the job-application machinery at Oliver Russell, surviving the ardor of more than 150 competitors and multiple interviews with our team for the account coordinator role she ultimately won. Holly navigated the process showing she’s a true marketer—dropping her resume off in person (along with a box of Guru Donuts) and then sending handwritten thank-you notes throughout the hiring process, showing that there are a few time-honored, old-fashioned analog tactics that still work. Especially the jelly-filled ones.


Holly has a great and diverse background. She came to Oliver Russell from a boutique digital marketing and PR agency. In her career, she has also served as a senior television producer for a local ABC affiliate in Syracuse, New York.

She is a co-founder of, a digital space for mindful motivation and wellness. She’s also a registered yoga teacher, which she hinted at while listing her professional skills on her resume: social media, digital marketing, headstands. This will all come in handy as she assists our account team with clients, especially 1440 Multiversity, a new learning center with programs in mindfulness, authentic leadership, and yoga, among others.

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Holly earned her Bachelor of Arts and Science in Communications from Syracuse University.

From the word go, she’s been aligned with our company culture, values, and purpose. Just listen to her take on marketing as an example: “Good people are those who show genuine care for themselves and others alike, and they apply this to modern marketing with an approach that is genuine, honest, and serves from a place of respect for the consumer,” she says.

We’re excited to have her join the team and to be able to connect with her every day. You can connect with her on Twitter and Instagram at @goodmorningguru, or pop her an email at — she’d love to hear from you.

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Russ Stoddard

Russ started Oliver Russell in 1991. He’s committed his career (nearly 30 years) to social responsibility, first inside the corporate world and then as an entrepreneur who’s started four companies and five nonprofit causes. Russ is the author of "Rise Up - How to Build a Socially Conscious Business," and his creative work has been honored with local, regional, and national creative awards. These days, Russ focuses on brand strategy for clients, spreading the Certified B Corp love, and connecting kindred spirits to multiply social impact.