Oliver Russell Seeks Purpose-Driven Managing Director

By Russ Stoddard / Jun 06, 2017



How do you write a job description for your replacement?

I’m not certain I can do it, I mean, really—bullet points listing “strong communication skills,” and so on, so utterly PowerPointish. Instead, I’ll simply start writing, see where it goes, and you can be the judge of whether this is the right opportunity for you.

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I’ve been at this since I started Oliver Russell in 1991. I’ve floated, flubbed up, failed, forgotten, fell down, picked myself up from the floor and done well enough to keep things going and prospering modestly for nearly 26 years.

But it’s time for a change. Our business is strong and well positioned—the best it’s ever been. Our team is tight, tight, tight. I’ve got more energy for our work than at any point in my career (and I will continue working here, alongside you and the rest of the team, just in a different capacity). Now it’s time to capitalize on this by adding something new: perspective, experience, and character.

Plus, there’s this whole transition thing we need to talk about. I’m 58 years old and, wish as I might, won’t be able to do this forever. Nor should I. So that leads me to you! I’m looking for a partner, and our team for a leader, who is driven by a deep, human desire to transform business into a change agent that solves social and environmental problems.

While desire counts, we’ll be assessing our candidates by intentional actions, not words or wishes.

You’re likely a senior business leader who has experience leading an agency. You get extra points for branding, marketing, consulting or professional services experience.

You have a career filled with highlights, but they’re in the rear-view mirror; while we’re located in a smaller market, this isn’t a pasture, it’s a racetrack, and you’ll still need plenty of giddyup and go.

You’ll be responsible for achieving business goals and objectives—doh, that sounds so cliché! So let’s leave it at that—you’ll know what the job entails.

Here are a few particulars you should know

You should be comfortable getting dirty on volunteer projects to rebuild trails in the foothills or helping rearrange furniture to accommodate a regular speaker’s event in the office. We’re a collaborative place, we work hard, and there’s no job too big or small for anyone.

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Why you might want to join us

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  • Meaningful work, a fantastic lifestyle in Boise, and the opportunity to make yet another mark on the world.

    This is an opportunity to be an equity partner. You’ll work closely with me to execute and improve our existing company growth strategy and to create a sustainable social enterprise that flourishes into the future.

    If you’re interested, give me a shout: rstoddard@oliverrussell.com


    •  Founded in 1991.

    •  Positioning: We build brands for purpose-driven companies and organizations.

    •  Purpose: to improve the lives of all we touch through meaningful work and the power of social enterprise.

    •  Values: to be creative, collaborative, progressive, and socially responsible.

    •  Core competencies: Branding, Digital Marketing, PR.

    •  Certified B Corporation and Idaho Public Benefit Corporation.

    •  “Best in World for Workers” from B Lab, 2015, 2016.

    •  Located in beautiful Boise, Idaho, with clients ranging from Silicon Valley to Singapore. 

    Insights that incite.

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    Russ Stoddard

    Russ started Oliver Russell in 1991. He’s committed his career (nearly 30 years) to social responsibility, first inside the corporate world and then as an entrepreneur who’s started four companies and five nonprofit causes. Russ is the author of "Rise Up - How to Build a Socially Conscious Business," and his creative work has been honored with local, regional, and national creative awards. These days, Russ focuses on brand strategy for clients, spreading the Certified B Corp love, and connecting kindred spirits to multiply social impact.