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By Jay Saenz / Apr 15, 2016



A few years ago, Oliver Russell repositioned and took its website through a redesign to communicate this change in strategy. We decided to take ownership of our years of experience working with socially responsible organizations and developed a new positioning statement: “We Build Brands for Purpose-driven Companies.” We also decided to use our website to start sharing our insights on a variety of subjects that support this topic—Millennials, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Brand Authenticity, and the Purpose-driven Economy, just to name a few.

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These efforts have yielded a new pool of talented workers and an ever-growing list of purpose-driven clients. In fact last year 73% of our clients were either purpose-driven or had missions that focused on serving those in need. Recruiting and new business aside, we noticed another trend—agencies from all over the world were constantly visiting our website.

Why? Well, I can send you packing right now with a thorough (and exquisitely dry) explanation of what our marketing automation data tell us, but for your sake, I’ll cut to the chase:

Millennials and Purpose-driven Consumers

Insights that incite.

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  • After our new website launched, we expanded our existing research into Millennial consumer habits. Having explored the topic with our sister company Social Good Network for several years, we knew the purpose-driven economy would be driven in part by the trends this new group of consumers sets.

    This proved to be an effective strategy, as evidenced by our white paper “Millennials Pull Corporate Social Responsibility into the Marketplace.” Released in January 2014, it quickly became one of our most downloaded pieces of content and resulted in several new leads. In fact, it’s still being used today as an example of our expertise in the area (The Millennial factor: How a generation of consumers is transforming today's packaging landscape). The white paper explored how Millennials were using their purchasing power, access to information, and global social networks to change corporate behavior. This trend got our attention, it got our web visitors’ attention, and it’s not being lost on the corporate world.


    All-in on Purpose, Social Impact, and CSR

    Since we published that white paper, it’s become even clearer that our clients—and organizations in general—are looking for ways to bring their values to bear on their day-to-day business operations. They’ve come to understand that brand loyalty is difficult to earn and requires more than just a CSR-focused marketing campaign. The more we studied Millennials, the more we realized that consumers were doing their due diligence by researching a company’s policies, history, and CSR track record.

    And the more we published on this subject, the more we saw competitor ad agencies visiting our site to learn from our research. Agencies from around the world with big brand names you’d recognize. For sure, we’ve taken it as a huge compliment and strong verification of our repositioning.


    As the months and years went by, we realized something: This is no trend. Rather, this is simply how consumers and business will now interact. That’s why we’ve focused on publishing content aimed at helping organizations transition from run-of-the-mill companies to companies with conscience. Enter our white paper series, “How to Build a Purpose-driven Company.” As a blueprint for how to pivot toward purpose, this series unseated our Millennials white paper as the most read among ad agencies visiting our site.


    So why is your agency stalking ours? Insights. Every agency has a niche, and for us it’s working with socially responsible corporations and individuals looking to have the widest impact. That means we spend a lot of time thinking and writing about consumers who are a good fit for our clients. Fortunately, this is quickly becoming a larger and more diverse group than most would have predicted.

    The fact that your agency is seeking out this content (most likely) means you and your clients are demanding more insight into the world of purpose-driven customers—an area we’re especially enthusiastic about.  

    Of course, you don’t have to wait for your agency to catch up on the subject; you can go direct to the source. If you’re a marketing director at a corporation or social entrepreneur with a startup, don’t hesitate to give us a call—we’d love to share our insights with you. Even if you don’t have a need for our services right now, we’d still like to help you understand this new way of building brand relationships. You see, we’re in the business of changing the world for the better. Just like you.

    Insights that incite.

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    Jay Saenz

    Jay believes it's all about creating mutually beneficial relationships. With more than five years' experience in nonprofit development/underwriting and 13 years in direct sales, Jay specializes in finding the right match between an organization's purpose, audience and prospective partners. You won't mind taking his calls because his sales process is noticeably absent of slime—it's built on strategic collaboration, communication and teamwork.

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