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Brandon is an award-winning designer who thrives on creativity. He does it all—app design, paper goods, branding, illustration, video editing, print design, sculpture. But that’s just the beginning of what he brings to Oliver Russell. He’s helped clients like Yard House, Olive Garden, Scholastic, BSU and Corkcicle. Brandon worked for Apple for nine years, teaching customers how to use products and gaining valuable insight into the mind of the American consumer. He has a BFA in Graphic Design from UCF. Big on southern manners, Brandon believes in saying “please” and “thank you” and always being honest and trustworthy.

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What is one thing you can’t live without?

My iPhone. It has everything on it: music, notes, calendars, reminders, my Starbucks card, etc. Some people say that their phones are their second-brains, but in my case it’d be more accurate to say it’s my first-brain. 

What is one fact about you that people find surprising?

I’m a mega-introvert. Years and years of working for companies like Apple, Disney and Starbucks taught me how to project a bubbly, confident, I-could-chat-all-day aura; but the reality is that when left to my own devices you’re more likely to find me on a walk, curled up in a corner reading or hiding in my bedroom sketching.

What’s worth fighting for?

Fairness. That’s casting a wide net covering all sorts of things from equal-pay for women and minorities to basic human rights for people without the luxuries and liberties that I have always enjoyed. I’m aware of how fortunate I am and hope to be a champion for the downtrodden and overlooked. 

What would you eat for your final meal?

I’ve put an embarrassing amount of thought into this question. Firstly, a great bacon-cheeseburger with great fries and fry-sauce. A side of crab legs with drawn butter. Grandma’s "Christmas Salad." Corn on the cob with even more butter. Finally, a big ol' slice of Red Velvet cake with ice-cold whole milk.

Change can be hard. How do you make it easier?

First: have a sense of humor because even the worst of times can be made lighter with laughter.  Second: lots of junk food, the worse for you the better.

List 3 of your favorite books.

1: Contact by Carl Sagan: First, how cool is it that a brilliant scientist can write fiction novels? Second, this book broadened my conception of what a deity may be, which was really unexpected. 

2: Harry Potter: J.K. Rowling wrote some incredible stories that are both complex and thought-provoking but also darn enjoyable. Beyond that, I have found the ideology within to be worth aspiring towards, so now I live my life asking W.W.J.K.R.D? What would J.K. Rowling do? 

3: Ender’s Shadow: I love all the books that followed Ender’s Game, but Ender’s Shadow is my favorite. I don’t have a deep and intellectual reason why I love this one, it’s just a great story with a lot of intelligence and thought applied. 

If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?

Definitely the future. I have always been enthralled with technology and have loved shows like Star Trek from a young age. It would be such a thrill to be able to see how humanity fares and whether we get over our petty differences and come together as the species that we are. 

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

Either an artist or a teacher, and so far I’ve been pretty spot on. Graphic design definitely lets me flex my artist-muscles and I worked as a technology-trainer at Apple for almost a decade and certainly wouldn’t mind going back to teaching some time in my future. 

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