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Senior Copywriter (AKA Fly White Guy)

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Dan is an award-winning senior copywriter with more than 13 years of experience. He’s worked for agencies and companies in Idaho, Illinois and Washington, D.C. Dan’s clients have included the Smithsonian Institution, Comcast, Department of Defense and Virginia Tourism Corporation. He also uses his writing for good, whether recruiting others to help refugees locally or protect animals in Africa. You can usually find Dan pounding away at his keyboard, hunting for big ideas and causes to support.

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What was the first concert you ever attended?

Tesla in 8th grade. I went as a third wheel with the girl I liked and her boyfriend. It was basically a metaphor for my social life in middle school.

What would you eat for your final meal?

A big juicy steak. Lots of fries. Ice cream. And probably some fried chicken in there somewhere.

Tell us about your favorite cause.

Anything that supports refugees. I know it’s a hot-button topic right now, but after meeting some refugees here locally my perspective completely changed. We are pretty lucky here in America. Leaving everything behind—sometimes including those you love—takes a lot of balls.  

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve eaten?

Dog. During the time I lived in Asia. At least I think it was dog. Judging by the way it used to bark and fetch frisbees.

What do you like about working at Oliver Russell?

Oliver Russell is an agency of talented, good people doing good things. That really resonates with me. I’ve never worked at a place that takes social responsibility so seriously. More companies should take notes from Oliver Russell.

List 3 of your favorite books.

That’s a hard one. I have a lot of favorite books. Three of my favorites have always been To Kill a Mockingbird, The Glass Castle and Friday Night Lights. All super good reads. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

List some of the nicknames you’ve had. Tell the story behind one.

I’ve had a lot of nicknames over the years. Goose. Big D. Daddy D. Stoner. Peaches. Danno. Daniel-san. First class. My friends gave me that last one after I got bumped to first class on a couple different flights we took over a summer in college.

Would you rather ride a bike, a horse or a motorcycle?

Horse. Probably because I grew up Texas and have a famous outlaw ancestor who used to hang with Jesse James. Her name is Belle Starr. You should look her up.

Change can be hard. How do you make it easier?

Change can be difficult for sure. But if you’re surrounded by good people and those you love, change becomes all that much easier.

Favorite breakfast food?

Pancakes, hands down. Donuts come in a close second, though those are really an anytime food.

What is one fact about you that people find surprising?

I can speak Tagalog (Filipino) fluently. I lived in the Philippines for a couple years. Learning another language actually helped me speak English better, believe it or not. And got me more interested in different parts of speech. Just one more stepping stone on my path to becoming a writer I guess.

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