1440 Multiversity

Being mindful while branding a purpose-built campus in the redwoods

It’s a dream scenario when it comes to a new client. A new business, a clean slate, and an excited group of people willing to put in the work it takes to build something from the ground up. But with a new business comes the need for well–everything. From identity to digital assets and direct to consumer communication, 1440 Multiversity needed it all, and they needed it fast. 

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1440 Multiversity isn’t a retreat center or yoga oasis, and it’s far beyond a traditional hotel. Though it has elements of all three, 1440 was blazing a new trail and creating an entirely new segment, so they needed a brand identity that would appeal to the yoga-lover and retreat hopper—as well as a new breed of purpose seekers and Silicon Valley execs. And they needed it all in a matter of months.


1440 wasn’t aiming to make an impact in the lives of just some—they wanted their message to be accessible to ALL. To integrate that mission into their identity, we took an approach that could appeal to both a modern and eccentric taste, a brand that appeals to Ayurveda enthusiasts and purpose-driven corporate executives alike. We created a brand identity that was clean, modern, and unlike their competitors. 

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Named after the 1440 minutes in a day—each minute another chance to be present and reconnect with what matters. Founders, Scott and Joanie Kreins, heard the call to bring more meaning into their lives, and then again to provide the space for others to do the same.

1440 Multiversity has all the makings of a traditional start-up: A new idea that breaks the mold and a passionate group of individuals on the ground level. But unlike many start-ups that begin in a basement, 1440 wasn’t starting small. 

The 75-acre campus is nestled in the heart of the redwoods just outside of Santa Cruz, California. Originally a bible college, the 1440 Multiversity campus underwent serious renovations to become the learning center Scott and Joanie intended it to be. A place to visit that bridged the gap between hospitality and learning–a space built with purpose, intended for all who seek deeper meaning.  

When you’re on campus at 1440, your experience naturally unfolds. Though you have a schedule and a flow to your day, they don’t tell you exactly what to do or how to think. Instead, they provide the space and the tools for you to discover your truth on your own. We wanted their brand to reflect their approach to learning so we kept their style natural and easy-going. Structured and rooted while still feeling free-flowing. 

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Brand Identity and Logo Development

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  • In this always-on society we live in, 1440 advocates for people to focus on what really matters and to keep your approach to life simple. To reflect that philosophy in their brand we knew we needed to design a logo that followed that lead; thoughtful, clean, and not overly complicated. A custom, type-only solution helped us keep our communications bold while still feeling simple and streamlined. Just like the ancient redwoods that cover their campus, their logo is strong but elegant, calm yet confident. 

    1440 Logo V1

    Catalog/Direct Mail

    1440 had already mailed one catalog before we began working with them. Though that catalog was successful in communicating the upcoming programs to potential visitors, it didn’t reflect the brand's forward-thinking approach. The design didn’t differentiate them from typical retreat centers.

    With the mark in-place and the color palette and typography determined it was now time to tackle our next big project. How did all of these elements come together to communicate the brand’s personality and establish our campus as THE location for next-generation learning? Oh yeah, and tastefully show all 100+ upcoming courses and their faculty while giving people a feel for the campus that was still under construction? No small task at all.

    True to form, our approach to the catalog was an evolution. We started using the same form factor from previous mailings and very similar content—just repackaged. Now that we have a few catalogs under our belt, we have streamlined our approach and worked to provide more editorial content so every interaction people have with 1440 provides an opportunity for learning and growth. 

    1440 Mockup V2

    Photo and Video Assets

    Because 1440 is immersed in the human experience, we knew we had to reflect that in their photography. Instead of perfect, staged photos we took a different approach. We chose a lifestyle photographer who specialized in capturing emotion. We kept things relaxed and light and at times, a tad imperfect.

    During the first photoshoot there were zero buildings complete and camera-ready, luckily, the redwood covered campus provided a great backdrop—and we were able to keep the construction cranes out of frame. When we were finally able to photograph some buildings, we’d don our hardhats and walk into a construction zone to the one room that was finished and set up perfectly for us to photograph.

    Since then we’ve produced seven photo and video shoots for 1440, ranging from lifestyle to architectural, and sourcing over 200 models (volunteer models, at that). Now, their visual asset library is large and continues to be a strong asset in tempting potential visitors near and far. 

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    Collaboration, a Fast Timeline, and a Favorite Project ​

    We aim to bring a collaborative approach to everything we do, but with 1440 we took that to a whole other level–and we’re so glad we did. Of course we worked with their marketing team, but we also got to know everyone from the people who book the programs, to the front desk staff, to the interior decorators. Heck, we even have the gardener’s phone number.

    Soon, 1440 Multiversity will celebrate their first year being open for business. Today, with a brand accessible to all who need it, they are well on their way to changing the world, one mindful approach at a time. 


    1440 Client V1
    Susan Cole, Director of Marketing, 1440 Multiversity

    Susan Cole started her career on the agency-side and then worked at HP for years. Despite our longstanding partnership with HP, and our shared hometown of Boise, we had never met her.

    When Susan was hired at 1440 Multiversity her first order of business was to find a creative agency to work with her on redirecting the brand development. So she started asking around. The first person she asked? Her husband, Doug. Knowing that we are a purpose-driven agency who specializes in building brands that are making a difference in the world, he pointed Susan our way. Her initial email came through on a late Friday afternoon and the very next day she and Russ were collaborating over coffee. That Monday, the whole team rolled up their sleeves and got to work. 

    • What is one fact about you that people find surprising? I grew up in a funeral home. My dad, and my grandmother before him, and her dad before her, were all morticians. Three generations. I used to love sitting in my little rocking chair when I was small and watching Ann Kirky wash and style the dead people’s hair to get them ready for calling hours. As I got older, sometimes friends were too afraid to have sleepovers at my house, but I loved being close-up to death. I think the experience seared into me the importance of fully living this one life we each are given, every day. Because we are all terminal, and nobody knows if tomorrow may be our last day!

    • What is the first concert you attended? The Bay City Rollers, who were playing in Lake Placid, NY.  I think I was in 8th grade, and I went with my friend Heather Clookey. I caught a drumstick after the show and was beside myself with excitement! S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y Night!

    • What's the best advice you've ever received professionally? Show up as who you really are, and don’t be afraid to admit what you don’t know!

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