Crafting Impactful Messaging and Web Design for a Global Giving Initiative

B1G1, a global giving initiative based in Singapore, does impactful work around the world using business as a force for good. That message, however, was lost on website visitors. Because they do so much good, they have a lot to say—so much so that their most important messaging was not coming through clearly online. We helped them pull out their key messages and combined them with world-class design on a revamped website. Today, B1G1’s online conversion numbers—as well as online giving—is growing at a steady pace.

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B1G1, an international online giving community, helps companies add purpose and meaning to their business through giving—but that message wasn’t clear on their website. On top of that, certain pages on the site weren’t easy to navigate for users. 

The Solution

We helped B1G1 pull out its key messages and combined those messages with simple, powerful design and an intuitive user experience. Our goal was to make it easy for web visitors to quickly understand what B1G1 does and how their businesses can start making a difference.

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Ever since B1G1 found us via our content marketing online, we’ve loved working with them. We are big fans of their mission to create a world full of giving. Unlike conventional giving models, B1G1 helps small- and medium-sized businesses embed giving activities into their everyday business operations.

During our research phase, we discovered that members love how easy B1G1 makes it to contribute to worthy causes. Potential members, however, found parts of their website slightly confusing.

Because B1G1 does so many great things, they had a lot of information on their site. The problem was that some of their key messages about what they do and what they provide members were getting lost. Fortunately, this was a problem we could easily remedy.

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  • We worked closely with the B1G1 team to refine the messaging and develop a new site map, style tiles, wireframes and overall design. Our goal was to make it easy for site visitors to quickly understand what B1G1 does immediately upon arriving at the site. We wanted to increase site conversion, which we measured via emails sent from users who wanted more information about B1G1.

    In the end, we made the B1G1 site more linear so when users visit the site, they are guided through steps that lead to conversion. We kept the design clean and intuitive for the end user. We also incorporated a number of design elements that helped tell the B1G1 story, including a gif on the homepage that shows how millions of donations translate into acts of good.  

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    Numbers Speak for Themselves

    Ultimately, the B1G1 site is receiving great feedback from users. Numbers indicate member conversions doubled within the first few months following the launch and overall member growth continues to climb steadily.

    Additionally, we ended up helping B1G1 with a number of other projects along with the website, including brochures and new branding elements.

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